Braithwell, Micklebring and Clifton History and Heritage

Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts - Village fun for kids


My own childhood in Braithwell was lovely but made the richer by the regular weekly routine of Brownies and then Girl Guides. Lots of fun on a Friday evening at the school with regular trips out hiking, lighting fires, camping, making things out of cereal packets and tying everything up in knots! Kids came not just from Braithwell, Micklebring and Clifton but plenty from Stainton, Ravenfield and outlying farms. 

The following pages are open for anyone to submit their memories - past or present of happy times with village pals  - but just to get those ideas flowing here is a picture that was given to me by Dorothy Huzzard - Brownies & Guides in 1964 or thereabouts - Cheryl Brewster....

Can you spot anyone you know?

1964 ish_Braithwell Brownies & Guides in Braithwell School yard_Resized.jpg

Brownie & Girl Guide Troupe at Braithwell School circa 1964 


And here's one from the Christine Hodgetts archive ... ..


Braithwell Girl Guides_Christine Hodgetts archive_Resized.jpg

Guides and Brownies being visited by leader - Date?

more to come..... .....

Braithwell Scout Camp_Resized.jpg