Braithwell, Micklebring and Clifton History and Heritage


Phil Green's account of growing up in Clifton, 1946-64
Mysterious tenants of the Woodyeare Estate
The incredible story of Susanna Jackson from Braithwell and her voyage on the 'Mayflower' to the Americas
Phil's memories of his grandfather Hugh Carson
Memories of childhood in Braithwell by Allen Smith
Pattie remembers the farms and her aunt's shop when she came to live in Micklebring.
Christine describes moving to Braithwell and how the Old Rectory was revived. (See her research on the history of the rectory in PLACES)
Joe and his son, Rhodes (William Rhodes Copley) were builders who developed land along the Doncaster Road in Braithwell.The family history was written by Rhodes's daughter, Jeanette Wilson, and the idea of the contribution came from Lisa Thompson who discovered that she had documents written by her grandfather, Rhodes, and published a piece about Braithwell on the Facebook page.
Husband of Aimee Marshall, William Marshall grew up in the villages of Micklebring and Braithwell and led and exciting life as a traveller, thespian and accidental war hero.