Braithwell, Micklebring and Clifton History and Heritage

Teachers at Braithwell Town School


                                 1698                  Elias Hall. (Hale?) married 26.11.16 - died17.8.1698(36yrs.old)

                                                           (most likely the first Master of the Town School.)

                                 1770 – 1782         John Wordsworth

                                 1784 – 1786          Matthew Holmes

                                 1797                     William Wright. died 28.10.1797 aged 44

                                 1820                      M.R.J.Johnson. (Head)

                                 1820 – 1860          John Snipe (Head)

                                                               Mary Waker (Assistant)

                                 1860 – 1861          Edward Varah (Head)

                                                               Elizabeth Varah (Assistant)

                                15.4.1872               George Goodwin (Head)

                                                               Mrs.Thomas Hayes engaged to teach sewing.

                                 19.8.1872              Mr.Parkin (Head)

                                                               Mrs.Parkin (Assistant)

                               31.12.1872              Henry Windle (Head)

                          For 2 months school was run by Rev.C.Hodgson and family (Arthur, Ernest and ‘Miss Emily’)

1872 was a bad year as far as the Braithwell National School was concerned. Four separate Head teachers had been in charge during the year! Mr.Parkin and his wife were asked to leave after only a short period, and they were the subject of a very heated Vestry meeting in November. It ended with Mr.Parkin being given one quarter of his salary of £5, plus 6s.6d. for ringing the mid-day bell. This solved one problem, but afterwards the governors had difficulty in getting the family to vacate the schoolhouse.

Rev.C.Hodgson wrote in the Log Book on 18 11.1872 "1 have had much difficulty in keeping Mr.and Mrs.Parkin to their duty since October 6th. They appear to have been living a very miserable life through quarrelling. Every week has brought its complaint accusing each other… I now felt the sooner he had gone the better. I am teaching with my sons."

22.8.1872. "Mrs.Spencer refused to pay for this weeks school fee for Edward because he was only in two days of the week. Hence the necessity of enforcing in future the payment of the fees in advance on Monday morning."


                                2.10.1873               Mrs.Hannah Burton (Head)

These were the days of 'payment by results'. In 1873 the Log Book gives an idea of how the school was being financed. Here is an extract from the book.

"Number for payment at 6s.                       39                         £11. 14s. 0d.

Number of infants at 8s.                             10                          £4.   0s. 0d

Number for payment at 4s                         40                           £8.   0s. 0d

Total claim         £23.14s. 0d

Deduct (Article 17d)           £9.17s. 6d       Net sum payable          £13. 16s. 6d.

Passes in Reading    15

Passes in Writing      15

Passes in Arithmetic 10”

On numerous occasions it was noted in an Inspector's Report that unless provision for the children was improved, the Grant for the coming year would be withheld.

Naturally, the collection of fees often caused problems. A typical entry is that for 11.7.1873.

"Florence Halifax brought no money with her on Monday morning. In the afternoon she said she had forgotten to bring it and that it was ready at home. Allowed her to go for it, but she did not return."

                                18.3.1889               Mr.Charles Briscoe (or Bruce?) (Head)

                                  2.1.1893               Mr.C.Heitmann (Head)

                                14.1.1895               Mr.N.W.Harper (Head)

                          Assistants at various times     Frances Colbeck

                                                                          Miss A. Beck    


                                28.8.1899               Mr.Robert Maltby (Head)

                                  3.1.1900               Mr.E.W.Pearson (Head)

                      Assistants at various times     Ruth Harrison, Clara Dent

                                                                      Lily Dent

                                                                      Mary Dent and Constance Clarkson                  

                               4.9.1905               L.E.Hall (in Temp. charge)

                              2.10.1905             William Hammes (in Temp. charge)

                                8.1.1906               Eva Sutcliffe (in Temp. charge)

                                1.7.1907               Mary Isobella Atkinson (“Mistress of the School”)

                                                             Assistant Miss Howard

                                                             Miss Little

                                3.3.1914               C.S.Rawlinson (Head)

                             Assistants at various times     Miss Howard

                                                                             Clarice M. Spencer

                                                                             Mrs. G.E.Milnes

                                                                             Winifred Foers

                                                                             Mabel Buckle

                                                                             Alice Slack

                             Miss Howard acted in a Temporary capacity during Head’s absence due to Military Service.

                               17.2.1919             C.S.Rawlinson returned to duty.

                             Assistants at various times     Laura Waring

                                                                             Mary Taylor

                                                                             Constance Turner


                                                                             Daisy M.Morley

                                                                             Miss E. Guest

                                                                             Miss Jessie Drew

                                4.7.1921               Alfred Weatherall  Temp H/T while C.Rawlinson on course at Baliol.

                                1.5.1923               Walter Stirrup (Head)

                                                              Miss E. Kay Assistant teacher 17.12.1923

                                                              Miss Lillywhite (C.A.) started 14.9.1925

                                                                              Mary Young

                                                                              Miss D. Payne

                               22.12.1927           J.J.Fox appointed on this day.