Braithwell, Micklebring and Clifton History and Heritage

Settlement Development

Braithwell, Micklebring and Clifton in 2019
Ideas on the origins of the Three Villages
Anglo Saxons and Vikings.
Results of the Conquest in Braithwell and Conisbrough area.
Basic description of the manorial system and its development over time
Braithwell: details of taxation to fund warfare.
A desperate means of solving the economic crisis in the 14th Century.
How Braithwell was connected to the cause of Richard of York and the involvement of the Vincent Family.
Research into the high death rate in Braithwell in 1644
Braithwell: Governance by 'Responsible Persons' - the Parish Constable
Surveyors of the Highways
Commission to assess whether Braithwell could be sold!
Braithwell: Means of raising cash, but also a record of the better-off homes according to the number of hearths declared.
Attempts to make the land more productive
Reassessment of tithes to the Church and clergy - cash payments instead of payment in kind.
Sections of original from Sheffield Archive 1971
Some extra information indicating changes that occurred before the map was published
Map in sections to enable plot numbers to be read.
Braithwell - Final redistribution of land.